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Hunter Neurology Neurodiagnostic

Welcome to Hunter Neurology Neurodiagnostic Services. We provide neurodiagnostic testing to assist your referring practitioner with diagnosis and treatment options of a wide range of neurological disorders affecting the central and peripheral nervous systems.The clinical assessments and diagnostic tests which we perform are evidence-based procedures. We have also established some services which are not commonly provided by a private practice in Australia.
Hunter Neurology Neurodiagnostic
Hunter-Neurology are a leading-edge neuro-diagnostic practice specialising in diagnostic testing for arrange of neurological and neurophysiological disorders. We provide comprehensive diagnostic services of a range of conditions affecting the brain, spine, and nerves. ONLINE BOOKINGS COMING SOON!


Neurophysiology is the study of the function of the brain and nerves. By measuring these responses, the neurophysiologist can diagnose a variety of problems.


We assess many types of neurological disorders including peripheral nerve disorders, brain disorders such as epilepsy and assesses dizziness.


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Mission Statement of Hunter Neurology Neurodiagnostic

WE delivers professional, efficient and accessible healthcare in a welcoming, safe and comfortable environment. Our service is committed to providing compassionate, personalised and open care through mutual trust, and respect for the patient’s and family’s rights to receive timely results.
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